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The Fringe..An Attempt to Close Women's Third Eye in History?


Throughout history, societies have often sought ways to control and suppress the power and intuition possessed by women. One intriguing aspect of this suppression lies in the history of the fringe, a decorative element commonly used in fashion. In this blog I will delve into the theory that fringe was intentionally designed to close women's "third eye" and explore the historical context behind this belief.

The concept of the "third eye" is deeply rooted in various spiritual and mystical traditions. It is often associated with the pineal gland, an endocrine gland located in the brain that is believed to be responsible for intuition, insight, and spiritual awareness. In many cultures, the third eye is considered a symbol of higher consciousness and the connection to the divine.

Fringe as a Symbol of Suppression:

Fringe, characterized by hanging threads or strips of fabric, has been used in various cultures and historical periods as a decorative element. However, some theorists argue that fringe was intentionally designed to obscure and close off women's third eye. According to this theory, women were perceived as having a heightened intuition and connection to the spiritual realm, which threatened the patriarchal power structures of their time.

To understand the theory surrounding fringe's connection to the suppression of women's third eye, we must examine the historical context in which this belief emerged. Throughout history, women have faced numerous restrictions and limitations on their autonomy and freedom. From the witch trials of the Middle Ages to the suffrage movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, women's empowerment has often been met with resistance.

The theory suggests that fringe, when worn by women, served as a symbol of societal control and oppression. By covering the forehead, where the third eye is often depicted, fringe was believed to obstruct women's intuition and spiritual awareness. It was a subtle yet powerful way of limiting their influence and ensuring they remained within the boundaries set by the patriarchal norms of the time.

The practice of wearing a fringe in history carries a deeper significance than mere fashion. It symbolizes the attempts made to restrict women's spiritual intuition and connection to their inner selves. However, as society progresses, women are reclaiming their power and embracing their innate abilities. It is essential to acknowledge the historical context while celebrating the progress made in empowering women to embrace their intuition and spirituality freely.



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