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Restore Your True Femininity

In today's world, the movement of women is all about proving that they can do everything. However, in the pursuit of career goals and professional success, most women have lost their true feminine essence. I was one of them, until I discovered the secret to restoring my femininity.

Many career-driven women ask me, "How can I get out of my masculine?" The answer lies in accepting that you cannot do everything on your own and seeking help when needed.

During my spiritual journey of healing and connecting with my higher self, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing soul, Andrada Isharah, who works with women and guides them to their true femininity. She taught me that healing and removing my masculine armor does not have to be a treacherous journey.

The journey home to oneself begins with devotion. Devotion is the primal requirement. Second, comes your trust in yourself and your guide back to your true nature, Says Andrada.

Andrada helped me restore my femininity and heal my heart through a two-appointment Zoom sessions, even though she was all the way in Mexico.

Andrada is a true healer, and her medicine ceremony with her partner Alexander was a life-changing experience for me when I was out in Mexico. After meeting her I was deeply moved by her story and her passion for helping women.

If you ever consider booking a session with Andrada, be prepared for a therapeutic experience that will leave you feeling understood and fully supported. You will need a box of tissue and water next to you.

As women, we often struggle with the expectations and high ambitions of our survival mode while trying to conquer life. However, there is more to us than just our careers. We should make time to explore our feminine essence and reconnect with our true selves.

My experience with Andrada inspired me to share my story and encourage other women to restore their true femininity. It is a process that requires patience and the ability to enjoy every moment of the journey.

If you’re on a healing journey and want to heal your feminine, this is something you may want to explore.

I hope this was helpful and please do share your experience with us @waviwellness. 




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