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How protect your hair from the Sun & Ocean

How to protect your hair from the sun and the salty ocean? 

You love a good holiday but some how always return back in need of a good chop?

Here are some tips I personally give my clients before going away into the sun.

1. Wear a hat at all times whilst you’re out in the sun, to prevent your coloured hair from getting lighter and dry.

The sun breaks down the chemical bonds that are present in dyes, which causes the dyes to fade.

2. Make sure you wet your hair in the “outdoor beach or pool showers” before getting in the sea/pool.

Wetting your hair with fresh water
(a quick dip in the shower or head under the tap) before getting in a chlorinated pool or salty sea helps your dry hair and scalp to absorb the fresh water, and therefore soak up less of the chlorinated water during your swim,It will act as an barrier.

(Don’t forget to rinse your hair once again after your swim.)

3. Use a leave in conditioner or a hair mask every time you’re out sunbathing, It’s a great way of treating your hair and keeping it extra hydrated in the sun.

These also act as an barrier.

4. Try not to put extra heat on your hair for the evenings, I.e blow drying.

I always recommend organic coconut oil for the evenings (just a little amount) as you will apply hair serum.

This will give you a wet hair look and remove all the frizz out (great for curly and wavy hairs)

For straighter hair types (salt spray) can be a great option for that sexy beach look.

Products recommended;

Kevin Murphy - Hair resort spray

Coconut oil - Any organic coconut oil will work.

Hair mask- Authentic beauty’s hydrating mask.

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